Tutorial: how to earn BATs with Brave?

The Brave browser is becoming increasingly popular with Internet users who want to surf the Internet in peace, i.e. without being spied on and without their private information being sold under the table to advertising agencies.

But Brave is much more than a traditional browser and can make you earn money in the form of crypto-currencies.

Indeed, the Brave Rewards system is now open and rewards you every time you view a small ad that appears on the right side of your browser.

Each time you see an ad, you will receive BAT (Basic Attention Token), Brave’s crypto-currency to reward Internet users and content creators. However, it is important to remember that you will not be credited with BAT after 30 days of using Brave.

How to earn TAOs with Brave Rewards?

To accumulate TAOs on your wallet you need to download and install the Brave browser; you can find the software on their official website.

Use Brave for 30 days

Once installed, the Brave browser will launch automatically, otherwise click on the red lion head icon.

Go through the tutorial and set Brave as your default browser to start earning TAOs:

  • Scroll down to the main menu at the top right of the screen
  • Select Settings at the bottom of the drop-down menu
  • Scroll down the list of settings to the “Default Browser” category, then select “Set as Default”.

All Brave features are accessible at the top right of the screen with several easily recognizable icons: The red lion head, the Brave triangle and a small character.

To set up your user account, just click on the little guy and easily navigate through the menu.

Activate Brave Rewards

To activate the Brave Rewards system and start earning money using the Internet:

  • Click on the red Brave Rewards triangle
  • A page opens, click on the “Join Rewards” button
  • Your wallet is created, which means that TAOs will be credited to this new wallet
  • Click on “Rewards Settings” to configure your wallet

The Rewards system is automatically activated but you can choose to deactivate everything and not be bothered by ads, deactivate if necessary by clicking on the small switches.

Here are my latest statistics to give you a little idea of the Brave Rewards system:

  • I activated the ads on Saturday 27/04/2019
  • I have had 76 ad notifications received since then
  • I have earned 3.80 BAT, which is about $1.41 (price is based on current BAT price)
  • The payment date is the 5th of each month.

Configure how often ads appear

You can also configure the number of ads you want to show in one hour. To do this, just click on the settings icon in the “Ads” box, located under the little switch.

Personally, I set the system to 5 ads per hour since the notification is not at all annoying. When an ad is displayed, you are directly credited in BAT (0,05 BAT) on your wallet.

Now you can participate in the Brave Rewards system and accumulate BAT while using the Internet.

How do I withdraw my accumulated TAOs?

The next step is to convert your BAT into another crypto-currency or into Euros/Dollars. Unfortunately, the Brave BAT wallet is currently one-sided, meaning you can’t withdraw your BAT bag to another wallet.

This one-way aspect is meant to contribute to the Brave Rewards system by rewarding content creators, as with your BATs it is only possible to pay your favorite websites.

So, to “cash out” your BATs (take them out of your Brave wallet), there are other possibilities that I will explain to you in this tutorial: How to withdraw your BATS?

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