The Importance of Budgeting for Healthcare in Retirement

How Best to Prepare for Health Care Expenses in Retirement Retirement is the time for individuals and couples to enjoy life and make the most of their golden years. As part of their retirement preparation, people should focus on how to pay for the health-related expenses they will incur later… Continue reading

The Benefits of Continuing to Learn and Grow in Retirement

Rediscover Your Passions After Retirement As a person approaches retirement age, it may seem like the opportunity to learn and grow is over. But, learning, growing and rediscovering passions can still be a part of life after retirement. Here are some of the key benefits of continuing to grow in… Continue reading

The Benefits of Volunteering for Retirement Finances

How Volunteering Can Help with Retirement Finances The retirement years can be a challenge even when the income stream is steady. Many retirees worry about cutting back on spending and how to cover the rising costs of healthcare. By thinking ahead and looking for creative ways to augment income, volunteering… Continue reading

The Top Personal Finance Trends for Retirees in 2022

Retirement is Changing: Top Financial Trends for Retirees in 2022 As we move into the future, the way we view retirement is changing — for workers and for retirees. Financial trends that may have seemed foreign even a few years ago have become ever more present in the personal finance… Continue reading

The Importance of Maintaining an Active Lifestyle in Retirement

Why It’s Imperative to Remain Physically and Mentally Active During Retirement The day you retire can be one of the greatest days of your life, when the previous years of hard work and dedication are celebrated. But, the reality of retirement is different for many people. Too often, the lack… Continue reading

The Benefits of Staying Mentally and Physically Active in Retirement

Staying Physically and Mentally Active in Retirement: Outlining the Benefits Retirement can be a time of reflection, relaxation, and freedom. While this newfound leisure can be greatly enjoyed, it’s essential to stay active to ensure a healthy, productive and happy retirement. Research points to the many mental and physical health… Continue reading

The Importance of Keeping Up with Changes to Retirement Benefits

A Guide to Stay Abreast on Retirement Benefit Modifications As retirement approaches, it is essential to stay knowledgeable on any changes to the benefits of your retirement plan. Whether you are close to the retirement or still years away, it is important to remain up to date with potential modifications… Continue reading

10 Tips for Managing Your Finances in Retirement

Designing the Perfect Retirement Financial Plan Retirement is a milestone that presents individuals with a unique opportunity – the chance to spend the twilight years free from the constraints of a career and live life on their own terms. That said, it is important to place a strong emphasis on… Continue reading

The Connection between Personal Finance and Health in Retirement

Health & Money: How Personal Finance Impacts Retirees’ Physical and Mental Wellness Are your personal finance decisions impacting your health and well-being in retirement? Many soon-to-be retirees trust that the work they put in now to save and invest their money will provide them with financial stability in their retirement… Continue reading

The Benefits of Delaying Social Security Benefits

Strategies for Delaying Social Security Benefits If you’re over the age of 62 and you’re trying to decide when you should start taking Social Security benefits, one option to consider is delaying the start of benefits. There are several strategies for delaying benefits and several potential benefits to delaying the… Continue reading