The Importance of Budgeting for Healthcare in Retirement

How Best to Prepare for Health Care Expenses in Retirement Retirement is the time for individuals and couples to enjoy life and make the most of their golden years. As part of their retirement preparation, people should focus on how to pay for the health-related expenses they will incur later… Continue reading

AI in Healthcare: Advancements and Challenges

The Potential Role of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and its Challenges As the world’s health care systems continue to struggle to contain costs and maintain patient safety, the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize the industry is rapidly being realized. AI has been identified as a major disruptor in… Continue reading

10 Ways Wearable Technology is Improving our Health and Wellness

Exploring the Benefits of Wearable Technology for Health and Wellness Wearable technology has been rapidly advancing in recent years. From fitness trackers to fitness-oriented smartwatches to medical-grade monitors and virtual reality solutions, these smart products are allowing us to improve our health and wellness in ever more remarkable ways. This… Continue reading