SmartPlate – A connected and smart plate

It’s no secret that the home is becoming more and more connected. Well, now you can eat connected with the SmartPlate.
SmartPlate lets you track how you eat. Unlike a cumbersome system that requires the user to weigh the food in a meal individually, then enter each weight into a tracking app to get food values, this connected plate lets you instantly analyze up to three foods at once.

This product is truly a first. To work it uses photo recognition and artificial intelligence technology to identify, analyze and track everything you eat in seconds. With it, you can say goodbye to manual data entry. It consists of a portable station and a dock that pairs with the SmartPlate Android or iOS app. The app uses the camera on your smartphone to identify your meal and allows you to add it to your log. On top of that, it gives you personalized advice to get you closer to your weight and therefore health goals.

According to its designers, this product is accurate. It could detect more than 1000 foods instantly. What is also hyper practical is the possibility to take it everywhere with you. The application embeds more than 400,000 easily scannable food products, more than 625 menus of restaurant chains, etc.. Thanks to its waterproof cover, you can leave for the office with your lunch. In addition the plate is BPA / BPS free and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

On the application, you will find the food you have eaten but also the macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) and micronutrients (fiber, sugar, sodium) contained in these foods. In short, without wasting time, you can manage your diet in a very precise way.

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