Cafe X – A $25,000 barista robot!

Henry Hu and the company Silicon Valley Ammunition, have come up with Cafe X, a barista robot capable of making quality coffees at unbeatable prices.

Cafe X – The concept

To make his project a reality, Henry Hu received a $100,000 grant. He installed his first prototype in a movie theater and a shopping mall in San Francisco.

A few days ago, the first model was born and installed at One Bush Plaza in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district. Cafe X 2.0 looks like a high-end coffee kiosk. But instead of a person standing inside, there’s a six-axis robotic arm that brews the coffees. On the menu: three coffees from different sources, a blended coffee, matcha lattes and a cold brew.

Customers place their orders via an app or on an iPad placed in front of the kiosk. After customers place an order, the automated system goes to work. Customers can then see the robotic arm in action through a glass window.

Cafe X – The Robot

Cafe X is a high-tech machine with a $25,000 robotic arm. The company and inventor hope to install the robot in offices, airports, shopping malls and on college campuses.

“CafĂ© X has to be aesthetically pleasing, but it also has to be easily produced. It’s almost like building a car that makes coffee. It’s funny that we ended up with these swinging doors. We didn’t do it to show off; we’re not Elon Musk. In fact, that’s what worked best,” says Henry Hu.

Once the drink is ready, customers display a code that the app provides in one of three collection windows. The robot then places the drink in the window, making sure everyone gets the right order.


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